Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Opt for Luxury Accommodation in Queensland

Wild Escapes

Widely acclaimed as the Sunshine State, Queensland is the premier holiday destination in Australia. The state lays breathtaking views of assorted beaches, intriguing wilderness, an array of tropical islands, surfing escapades, and rainforests listed on the World Heritage sites, in store for the visitors who flock up here time and again. Set against the sun-soaked settings, visitors at Queensland tends to immerse themselves into a multitude of outdoor adventures. Be it the spectacular Whitsunday Islands or the picturesque Great Barrier Reef, diving and snorkelling have always been right up the alley of visitors. Apart from this, it lays an oasis of calm and peace for the tourists, who make a beeline to Queensland in the pursuit of respite from the hectic pace of life. These tourists take shelter under the luxury accommodation in Queensland.

Here are some of the top rated tourist spots in Queensland, Australia:

Port Douglas

Overwhelmingly laden with mango and palm trees, this once-off-the-beaten-track village has made a smooth transitioning into an exotic holiday resort as well as an expansive ground for wild safaris. Port Douglas gives off a tropical vibe and is dotted with an array of art galleries, cafes, and shops. Also, the Bally Hooley Sugar Train and the Wildlife Habitat has always drawn the tourists into its unmatched appeal.

Daintree National Park

Acclaimed to be the oldest surviving rainforest on the earth, Daintree National Park is the home of the world’s highest concentrations of endangered species. Apart from this, over 18,000 plant species, combined with wildlife creatures, such as the flightless southern cassowaries and bright-coloured kingfishers, take shelter in the park. As a result, it sets the perfect settings for safaris into its mysterious wilderness.


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